Child's Play Clinic llc is proud to offer Continuing Education lectures for public and private schools, parent and non-profit organizations, preschools, and daycares. we STrive to educate parents and community.

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Anne Eason, Esq., SPED NET Co-President

"Rae's enthusiasm is abundant and contagious!"

SPED NET - New Canaan Lecture Attendee

"Rae offered a wonderful overview of sensory integration and provided good working definitions. I would definitely attend another presentation by Rae Suba"

SPED NET - New Canaan Lecture Attendee

"A delightful presenter with a wealth of knowledge who related well to her audience! A great background for beginners and specific and depth for those who already had some background."

Anne Eason, Esq., SPED NET Co-President

"Rae did a great job explaining the problems that sensory integration dysfunction can cause and the principles of sensory therapy. SHe also ghave some good ideas that anyone can do at home anytime to alleviate problems on the spot."

SPED NET - New Canaan Lecture Attendee 

"Knowledge, energy, and humor! A very informative and enjoyable presentation!"
SPED NET - New Canaan Lecture Attendee

​"I was incredibly impressed by Rae, her presence, knowledge, and likeability. The presentation was appropriately intimate and I felt that her demonstrations were very helpful."
Anonymous Lecture Attendee

"You are a great speaker who knows your material and offers testimonials and personal experience that provide parents with real exposure to your topic/material."

Gretchen Burke - Darien YWCA/STEPS

"The information provided was very helpful to us as we prepare to select a handwriting program in grades K-4."

Mary Capwell, Assistant Superintendent

Darien Public Schools

"Rae delivered information essential about children's development in handwriting to all our preschool and elementary teachers in a way that was fun, fresh, and informative."

Ann Hirsch, Director of Redding Campus

Landmark of Ridgefield Academy

"Rae does and outstanding job of presenting, to the adults with their children, the importance of one on one interaction, using themselves as the "TOY." This was done in an informal atmosphere where the children were free to "choose" what intrests them and grown-ups are encouraged to follow their lead and "play" with the child. This is our third time doing this program and we plan on offering it again and again and again, as long as there re the little ones to play with and grown-ups who what to know how!"

Annie Reuter, Westport Public Library

​Children's Lecture Series