Note: Brushing should always be done under the direct supervision of a wilbarger trained therapist!


Results certainly vary among individuals. with proper technique, intensity, and program duration, our goal is for children to no longer illustrate the Sensory Defensiveness, which interferes with their learning, development or day to day functioning.

Specialty Training:

To properly and effectively administer a Wilbarger Protocol it is ESSENTIAL that you the parent be formally trained in person by a therapist who has attended a Wilbarger Sensory Defensiveness Course since January 2006, when protocol methodologies and brushes were revised. Many professionals think they are doing it correctly, while the majority are not!


This pressure protocol is applied using a highly specialized technique with a specially designed Thera-Pressure Brush every 2 hours without exception, while the child is awake. The pressure application is immediately followed by 15 joint compressions at each joint for further organization. Programs last 4-8 weeks.

Sensory Diet & Monitoring:

The Wilbarger Thera-Pressure Protocols are not meant to be a "stand alone" service. They should be prescribed with rich Sensory Diets and monitored closely by a certified therapist.

The Wilbarger Thera-Pressure Protocol

What is It?

The Wilbarger Thera-Pressure Protocol is one of the best proven methods to resolve Sensory Defensiveness (which can be a form of visual, auditory or tactile defensiveness, postural or gravitational insecurity) in people of all ages from infant to adult.