Therapeutic Listening Programs

Rae Suba OTR/l, certified listening clinician:

Rae Suba OTR/L, Executive Director of Child's Play Clinic LLC, has been offering Therapeutic Listening since 2001. Rae is certified to administer Entry Level Modulated Listening Programs and is one of only a handful of therapists in the state of Connecticut certified to administer Advanced Level Listening Programs including Fine Tuning Mountains and Gear Shifter components. Her evolved specialty in the use of music modalities includes its application to children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, Dyspraxia, Oral Motor/Feeding Difficulties (including drooling).

CD Listening Lending Library:

​In an effort to promote the sensory success of children in our community, Child's Play Clinic LLC is also one of the only clinics that offer a complete, CD Rental Listening Library! For a modest fee clients are able to rent modulated, fine-tuning and gear-shifter compact discs. this makes listening programs including all the available CD selections

Therapeutic Listening at Child's Play Clinic LLC: 

Child's Play Clinic LLC is proud to offer Therapeutic Listening to our clients to enhance their existing sensory programming at home and in the clinic. this service is available to existing clients, new referrals, and out of state clients. Child's Play Clinic LLC is constantly evolving to make more programs available to more clients. regardless of their resources or socioeconomic background. a listening program can be designed in person or over the phone for those out of state clients. Routine monitoring and progress reporting is done by email or by phone. CD's are shipped via U.S. Mail in padded envelopes.

Program Design:

Listening is typically completed twice daily for 30-minute sessions, for most children. Children are given a three-hour rest period between sessions. Programs can vary greatly in total length depending on the specific needs of the child and their individual response to music. Typical modulated listening programs last for 8-14 weeks. The use of fine-tuning or advanced level listening could extend past this point. Listening programs can be used multiple times to enhance different areas of function and development.


Therapeutic Listening can promote development in a variety of areas including modulation, regulation, arousal, engagement abilities, attention, concentration, postural skills, body awareness, motor planning, coordination, oral motor & feeding.

Who would benefit from Therapeutic  listening?

Therapeutic Listening can be used at almost any age from toddlers to adults. Customized programs can be used with a variety of populations and diagnoses including but not limited to Sensory Processing Disorders, Dyspraxia & Apraxia, Developmental Delays, PDD, Autism, Asperger's, ADHD & Various Syndromes with Sensory Symptoms.


Therapeutic Listening is an at-home sensory protocol that utilizes modulated and filtered music on compact discs. This music is typically listened to over specialized open-air headphones. Musical selections include classical, Gregorian chant, instrumental, and children's music. This program is used widely by occupational therapists in the field of Sensory Integration. It is one of the most innovative and successful sensory protocols available!